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Test your mobile website speed and performance

Test your mobile website speed and performance – Google

One of the difficulties for all small business, personal website, blogger, a non-profit company is “Page Loading Time.”

Speeding up Website is basic factor when measuring a website performance. Google says that “The website should be fast” as it has included website speed in SERP results since 2010.But how would you measure the speed of your webpage or website?

How fast your site on a mobile and desktop? There are a few tools that can quantify the performance of your site that will enable you to decide the specialized enhancements needed to accomplish better outcomes with Google tools, for example,

  • PageSpeed Insights
  • Speed Scorecard
  • Lighthouse
  • Chrome Dev Tools

Google PageSpeed Insights

It is a free tool which helps to examine a web page execution, and furthermore shows a speed score for any particular page from the value 0 to 100, for both mobile and desktop. The reports are exceptionally helpful and you can discover essential metrics, for example, FCP and FMP. These two key measurements are vital to know how rapidly a page loads. It additionally incorporates speed optimization proposals like image optimization & render-blocking JavaScript.

Speed Scorecard

It is really helpful to target mobile site speed positions against competitors. This metric is determined consolidating a few metrics from Chrome User Experience Reports. It is conceivable to check the score in various countries and systems. To acquire a customized outcome, you should fill up the essential metrics: avg monthly visitors, avg order value & conversion rate.


It is a free Google tool which helps to review website performance and the quality of pages. It features the issues which is a reason for low performance score and makes a report with chances. The activities recommended to enhance speed are organized by the effect they have on the page performance, which is valuable when communicating with web development peoples.

Chrome Dev Tools

It is a collection of web developer tools incorporated specifically with the Chrome. The primary use is to discover and analyze site’s issues, helping designers to fix errors and issues rapidly. With this tool anybody can view and change any page, despite the fact that the adjustments are just shown brief for the client and they don’t get recorded.

Speed is a metric that need to be evaluated regularly. The primary components and measurements worth checking utilizing Google tools and to concentrate on enhancing for better speed execution are:

  • Page size
  • Compression
  • Unused Bytes of Content
  • Images size

Most of the above discussed Google tools are free. They offer an exact and ample image of your site’s performance. If you are already using other great Google tools which we have missed above let us know in the comments below.