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Site Kit By Google For WordPress Plugin

“With Site Kit installed, WordPress users can access unified insights and Google product capabilities directly from the WordPress admin panel. Where it is helpful, Site Kit will also provide deep links into Google products for advanced reports and product configuration capabilities”. – Google


Google has recently introduced a great tool named as “Site Kit” that will probably gain huge support from site owners and WordPress developers. If you are in the web industry, you have a chance to explore and you’re already comfortable with these Google tools such as Google Analytics, Search Console, Adsense & Page Speed Insights. These tools have turned out to be important among all site owners, WordPress developers, SEO experts and marketing teams.

This “Site Kit – WordPress plugin” incorporated 4 Google tools which help you to improve, monetize and optimize WordPress websites:

Search Console: You can learn how users find your content on Search Engine from this product.

Analytics: By this, you can know how users explore your site.

AdSense: From this, you can set up an AdSense account and examine your profits.

PageSpeed Insights: You can find important performance optimizations for your site.

Google anticipates consolidating the information from these tools, and putting the data right in your WordPress dashboard. Moreover, Site Kit will give you bits of knowledge on each post and page of your site.

With these tools being incorporated into your site, you will get instant and latest data about your site without exploring far from your dashboard. Moreover, you can track your campaign execution and conversion rates.

Google is as of now gathering a list of clients who are keen on testing out the Beta. The interesting factor is that Google is requesting users to sign an NDA while they are chosen for Beta testing. Information gathered from clients during the Beta will enable Google to enhance this plugin, and most probably include features based on user criticism.

Then, How to access Google’s “Site Kit” plugin?

Google will issue “Site Kit” to beta in early 2019. If you are really interested to get the plugin, you can sign up to use the program or notified of beta version release.

If you would like to learn more about this tool, visit: SiteKit page