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How do I SEO my YouTube Channel

As everyone knows that YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world after Google. It produces an expected 92 billion site hits every month which also gives huge traffic to various sites and blogs.

It is where 400 hours of video is uploaded each minute!

So if you need to get more views, subscribers and traffic from YouTube, you’ll cherish this article.

Let’s dive right in to the techniques to rank your YouTube videos higher on YouTube search.…

The most important signs in YouTube as below:

  • Title tag
  • Tags
  • Description tag
  • Audience maintenance
  • Video length
  • Comments
  • Subscribers count
  • Likes and dislikes

With all these above, it’s time to prove you five techniques that you can use these signs to get more traffic to your videos as well as site.

  1. Create Long Video Descriptions

Keep in mind that Google and YouTube can’t watch or tune in to your video which means that they intensely depend on the text encompassing the video to know your video’s topic.

However, more essentially, we need to use keywords in the description tag to rank high on YouTube search.

Make sure your video descriptions are at least 200 words.

  1. Optimize Around “Video Keywords”

Ranking YouTube video is incredible, but positioning your video in YouTube surprisingly better.

In spite of the fact that Google gives YouTube videos a quality edge in the SERPs, that is valid for specific keywords – Video keywords.

Before planning on a video keyword, verify whether there are results on the first page.

  1. Get More Views From Online portals

Online portals like Quora and LinkedIn communities are fabulous spots to channel traffic from.

Which means that most of the portals don’t take excessively merciful to someone dropping connects to their content everywhere.

But they’re generally open to individuals sharing useful YouTube videos, similar to yours!

Share your video freely on online communities which will clip your video up with the high quality and high views.

  1. Promote Subscribing and Linking

Since YouTube’s technique doesn’t value on backlinks, it depends on user experience signs. If individuals appreciate viewing your video, anticipate that it should smash it in YouTube search.

Subscribe and likes are the most important signals that YouTube uses.

When anyone likes your video enough to subscribe it, it tells that you have a killer video staring you.

So ask people to like, comment, and subscribe in every single video.

  1. Make Keyword-Rich Playlists

Try not to leave your YouTube channel a sloppy mess. Try to organize your videos into playlists.

A keyword rich YouTube channel gives more details. Also, people like to see videos with description, more content-based video.

If you have 10 videos in your YouTube channel, organize them with content themed playlists.